Friday, December 19, 2008

IF there is simply no place to go, Let it Snow

However, we do have some place to go so STOP snowing!! I think that it has been one of the worst snow storms that we have seen if a few years, the snow started about 4 am and now at around 11 am there is about 10 inches on the ground and by no means has the snow let up. When we went out this morning to shovel the snow at the front door was all the way up to the door knob. By the time the end of the drive was shoveled the the top needed to be re shoveled! The 4:30 flight that Dad and I should be on looks like its not about to happen. With EVERYTHING closed its hard to tell whats going to happen. My whole company was even closed for the day and I think that every single school in Metro Detroit was also closed. I have not see this much snow since my days in Kalamazoo!

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