Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bridal Show

This weekend was the bridal expo at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi. At first, Mom and I were a little unsure about going, we were not sure how much help it would be to us, however it proved to be a great help. We were able to see a lot of vendors and get some great ideas. One of my favorite vendors was Shutter Booth,, they bring a photo booth to the reception and let guest take as many pictures as they want during the evening, then the second copy of the pictures are made into a guest book for guest to sign along with their pictures and add captions too. It was a really great and unique idea. I also looking into using high quality silk flowers for my bouquet, I always wanted to save it and the only option was to have it professionally preserved, however after talking to many different florist, its very expensive and does not always work well, especially with light colored flowers. There was a florist who works with silks and the new high quality look exactly like real flowers, which will allow me to keep it forever and display it like a floral arrangement. We were able to also try a number of different cakes, however I only found one that I liked, some of the cakes I tasted were $3,000! I couldn't believe it! They did not even look that big! Thankfully Meagan has a great cake place that's only a about 74 cents a slice, which means I can get the big cake I've always wanted!

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