Sunday, February 22, 2009

Update from CO

Ok, I know its been a while from the last update, but as soon as this semester is over I can re download the software to blog on my laptop (I had to un install my java in order to run lecture notes) we'll be back in business. Which starts with a schooling update, I have 3 weeks left of this semester than 2 classes left to graduate. Brian is taking a computer class this semester which will count towards his classes at U of D. I've been in CO for the past week, and between laundry, homework, and catching up with our friends we have been pretty busy. Today we went to Target to begin our registry, Brian really enjoyed using the scanner gun, we picked out some really exciting items.

Last weekend, we headed over to the mall and the Macy's there was one of the stores closing, we were able to get some really good deals. Brian was able to get some new dress shoes, a dress shirt and a tie all at 60% off! Which then was followed by a new suit! (which he is very excited to wear to interviews as soon as he gets out of the Army!)

Also last week Brian has his Phase One physical in order to start the Medical discharge process. It was pretty quick and next week he gets his apt for phase two, there is about 12 steps and he's done about 3 now, we were told it would take 150 day, (were about 10 days into it) This brings us to the wedding, which has been officially set to June 12, 2010. When Brian comes home next month we have a number of things to get done.

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