Friday, March 20, 2009

The Military Ball

Last night was the Military Ball, we had a very nice time. I was Brian's 3ed ball, and according to him it was very similar to last year, except this year there was a new banner and an ice sculpture (which we believe it the reason that the tickets were more this year). It reminded me a little bit of Mercy graduation where everyone was dressed alike, however instead of white dresses it was green uniforms. Sadly, everyone had to work the next day so the party ended around 9, but we enjoyed ourselves. It was held down town at the Hilton. Downtown Colorado Springs is a really nice city, it's nothing like Ft. Carson and the surrounding area. We had a good time seeing our friends and have plans for pretty much the rest of the weekend to see all of our friends before everyone gets deployed.

There was a photographer so we did get our picture taken, it turned out nice and we order extras for the parents.

I have more pictures however, they need some "photoshopping" so I'll make sure and post them when I get home, right now I'm on Brian's computer.

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