Monday, March 9, 2009


It's been a while from the last update, so here is a quick overview of whats going on in our lives. Brian had his phase 2 physical about a week and a half ago, he is on a temporary profile (which means he can not get deployed and is waiting medical discharge) until his official one comes in some time this week or next week. Soon he will be transferring to a unit that is filled with all people waiting to get out, its pretty much one of the many stepping stones that the Army puts in place. From there we are not too sure of how much longer it will be until he comes home, but we will know more in the next few week. Next Thursday is the annual Military Ball in CO, I will be flying out to go. It should be very exciting! Than we are coming home together and Brian is on leave for 2 weeks, during his time home we have our engagement session schedule with our photographer, (who is awesome and everyone should check her out,, if they have not yet!) along with some quality cake testing, our theory is that you can never taste cake to early, as we are quickly approaching the one year and counting mark!

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