Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today was Mom's birthday, we had a quite day getting a few things done for Easter tomorrow and running out to a few places.

This morning I went to a camera class at Camera Mart, I just go the camera last week, and still have no lenses (but I'll make sure and post samples when I take some). The class was all for Nikon SLR. I learned a lot. It came to be overwhelming at first with F stop and ISO and all sorts of numbers to keep track of. I never really realized how much thought goes into taking a professional picture. I can't wait to get some practice in. I learned a few key things that I wanted to pass on to everyone. First, (and this is not for all cameras) but if possible shoot in the RAW format, not in JPEG. This is because a JPEG file compresses the file and it actually loses some of the information so when the file is opened again the file must try and recreate what is lost. So, if you can only shoot in JPEG (like most point and shoots) the first thing you should do after you download the print is to re save it as a TIF/TIFF file. This is because every time you open and close a JPEG is compresses the information, and in other words loses some of the image which then must be created. Over time the quality of the image will begin to diminish. When you save the image in a TIF file the memory is kept full, so it can be opened and closed with out losing information.

They are also offering a photoshop class in two weeks that I am thinking of taking. I've had the program for about 3 years now, and have finally just learned how to reduce red eye. (Which was very good for me considering 95% of the pictures I'm in I have devil eyes).

Before going out to dinner Mom and I headed over to visit our favorite makeup counter NARS. I needed to do an exchange and I strongly suggest to get the smokey eye duo at NARS called Pandora. Its the one that I had one today along with for our engagement pictures. Daniella at NARS (in Nordstrom's in Novi- go see her!!) showed me how to apply it like she did. The key is to blend well and also wet the eyeliner brush.

We ended the night with dinner at one of our favorite restaurant, Steve and Rockies. We had a great dinner, where I enjoyed my favorite shrimp and crab cakes.

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