Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh Abby

So, what can I say about Miss Abigail, she is not always very ladylike. I do believe that there is nothing this dog can eat that will make her sick. We had a boxed lunch at work today, I of course did not eat the chocolate chip cookie so I brought it home to share. I left it on the table, and a while later Abby is out and about the house and I come in the kitchen, the cookie is gone and Abby is just finishing the crumbs. Then I frantically look around for the plastic wrap the cookie came in, also gone. Little Miss Abigail at not only the entire cookie but also the plastic wrap. This not being the first time Abby has gotten into somethings she should not have I grab the hydrogen peroxide, and like usually it does nothing to make her throw up. I thought maybe she might get sick this time, nope she doesn't even miss a beat. That was early this afternoon, we went for a walk later on and she is completely fine. All I can say is she has a stomach of steel.

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