Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good News!

Brian got a lot of good news the last few days, he meet with the med board office today, and they are actually very helpful. They have given Brian a lot of good advice and help about how to speed the process along. They gave us two different options, one-which is the one that we are hoping for, is that Brian gets into a new program that the Army is testing which makes the med board process go much faster. If he gets into the program is beyond our control, so the office said they would try and get him in. They figured he would be home in August with this one. The second one is that he does not get into the fast track program and he would get out around Sept- Oct. The program arrives at Ft. Carson next week (June 1) so we should get some answers shortly!! We are so excited that after all this time of waiting and no answers things are finally going well!!

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