Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hong Kong Dave's Does Still Exist!

You really can google everything. Years back my parents found this place called Hong Kong Dave's ( I know kinda cheesy name) anyways he would import furniture from Asia and sell it in his warehouse in Southfield at 9 mile and Telegraph. For years I was never a fan of the furniture, but over time it began to grow on me, and now I want some of my own. Of course when I went to go find him my search came up with nothing! Very disappointed, because there are not many places where you can find Oriental furniture right in Southeast Michigan, I began to search further it turns out that Hong Kong Dave's has become The Oriental Furniture Outlett (yes with two t's) Same locations and owner, just a better name. I can't wait until Brian come home again and we can go see what they have. As I remember their prices were good and they had a huge selection. I'd really love to get a screen and a few other neat pieces. As a kid I always wanted the coffee tables with the four little seats that neatly tucked under them, who knows maybe I'll find them again. ( I decided to include a picture of the gong in our living room, which really does prove that they have a little bit of everything)

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