Monday, May 25, 2009

Meet our Latest and Greatest

Meet the latest and greatest member of our family. We have officially became a family of five. Miss Stella, a little black cat, found her way to us and she's part of the fam now. Sadly, she was left by her previous owners, we believe she was living at the apt before we moved in and when they left they left there when the moved out. For the first few nights Brian was there she would cry and paw at to door to come it. The other day when Brian was bringing in some more stuff from his car Stella {I named her :) } made her self at home and walked right it. And needless to say, she's stayed. She actually a really great little kitty. Her and Turk have become friends over the week, they are getting closer and closer as time goes on, they even "almost" cuddled on the bed the other night.

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Meagan said...

I love Miss Stella's fancy collar. Mrs. Whiskers sends her love!