Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Spring has finally sprung with the grass getting green and the flowers blooming. Abby and I enjoyed some time outside today, there was a cool breeze but never the less it was a wonderful spring day.

Brian's still in the process of moving. He has a truck today and some friends to help him move the big stuff. We also found out that there will be no Dish TV in the new apt, get this... to have a dish installed you have to take out a MILLION dollar renters insurance policy, so we said never mind!

Here's some pictures for our days adventures, I was so excited to see the iris' bloom, there one of my favorites, and my tulips were a bummer this year with only a few blooms it was glad to see something blooming. I was also very excited to see that ALL of my rose bushes came back this year, I thought when I uncovered them from the winter that I lost a few but it turns out they all made it!

This last picture makes me smile, Abby needed a nap after her adventures out side.

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