Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Turk!...yesterday

Yesterday was Turk first birthday! I can't believe he's a year old, it seems like just yesterday when we got him. He was already full grown but its been pretty funny to watch his personality emerge. He is definably not the macho dog type. He still cries and comes running to us when he gets scared or the cat swats at him for getting in her face.

Brian is taking Turk today to PetSmart to pick out his birthday present. Turk LOVES to go to the pet store. It's a very interesting process to watch him pick out a toy. He's a dog who knows what he what he wants. We'll lay different toys on the floor in front of him and he takes him time smelling them, then he finally picks on and runs away with it. We let him pick out a toy before his first plane ride, however he grabbed the 4 foot long stuffed dog off the bottom shelf and it was too big for the plane so we had to switch it out with the shorter version. My guess is that he'll go back for the biggest lofa dog he can find.

After his trip to the "toy store" Turk and Brian are going out for ice cream. Turk is going to get his own little baby cone, while Brian gets to enjoy the chocolate sunday.

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