Sunday, June 14, 2009

Turk's Sleepover

Brian has to work for 24 hours today, so Turk spend another day with Gracei. Gracei was glad to have him for another day and Turk was glad not to be alone for the whole day. Gracei's older brother, Dustin, had a baseball game in the afternoon so Turk went along to watch. From the sounds of it he didn't do too much watching, he was way more interested in slide and all of the kids. He discovered that he can run up the slide and then slide down it, which is what he chose to do over and over again. At the end of the game, he went back to their house and passed out, he was so tired.
That evening was Dustin's birthday party and the ice rink, and Brian was invited. He has not ice skated since he was a kid, and that didn't go well, so he was curious to try again. He had fun, but we shouldn't look for him in the next winter Olympics.

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