Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Projects Completed!

A few weeks ago I set a goal to have everything done in the house before the end of the year. So to keep on track I've been very busy checking many projects off the list. The largest part is thankfully done, which is the flooring is finished. That was such a project overall, including a change of materials half way thought, but it got completed! And it looks great! We went with a high quality laminate floors for the remainder of the house after having moisture problems with the solid hardwoods. I just love the floor, it is so easy to clean and always looks great. Also being click and lock the installation was so much faster than the old glue down method. In the hallway, I also replaced all of the door casings as the old ones were pretty sad looking. The new ones are just standard 2 1/2 in casings but it really makes a huge difference. Many more pictures soon to come, but for now back to work!

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