Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ikea 2.0

So as I was looking at the latest posts from the Ikea Hackers, FYI if you have never been to, I suggest a visit.  The whole blog is all peoples pictures of Ikea products that they have "hacked" into different uses.  Most of then are pretty clever, I usually find about 1 out of every 10 is something that I would actually do, but never the less its fun to look at all the ideas.  Back to the one hack I will definably use, I came across a company who makes decorative overlays, you can really use them on anything but they have made dimensions to match Ikea furniture.  They are super cute and completely upgrade any of the Ikea pieces.  Its a great and affordable way to get a high end piece with a low end price.   Check out their website and blog at  Here is one of my favorite before and afters:

Before - the Ikea Malm dresser for 169.00
And After!  That would also make a great sofa table.

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