Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY Flower Boxes

I always knew I wanted to add flower boxes under by two front windows. They are 6 feet long each so I had to either special order something or make my own.  I looked online for premade boxes, most were plastic and usually started at $150.00 and up.  There was no way after shipping and taxes that I was going to pay close to $400.00 for window boxes.  So the only option left was to make my own.  So I dragged my wonderful mother to Home Depot as my assistant and gather my supplies.  I went with 1/2 in precut popular.  It was wonderful that they already had 72 in boards, so no cutting there.  I used 10 in widths for the front and back and 8 in withs for the bottom.  So to make two boxes, I needed five 10 in widths (remember the left and right sides) and two 8 in widths for the bottoms.  Then I pulled out my 2 in nail gun and went to town!  Now sure they did not need about 50 nails each, but where would the fun in that be?!  I nailed the two sided to the bottom to make a U shape. 

Measured the ends and cut my fifth piece of 10 in width boards to size.  A few more nails and done!  I now have the boxes. 

To give a little more depth I added 1 in furring strips along the edges.  The furring strips are in the drywall sections and only about .80 cents a piece so extremely reasonable.  All and all they cost about 30.00 a piece.  I used some black spray paint and I was done!  I would say about 30 minutes in all.  I used $2.00 brackets from the Home Depot to mount them to the brick. Don't forget to drill drainage holes in the bottoms for the water! 

For the additonal curb appeal I just love it!  (and I love the price)

A little summer update, the plants are starting to grow and fill out, boxes are working great--Remember about the drainage hole!

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