Monday, May 28, 2012

Fast, Simple, and Reasonable Backsplash

Aspect Metal Tiles
The last thing I had to do in the kitchen was the back splash.  I looked at a number of different options but did not want to spend a ton of money or time.  At first I thought slate tiles, but the though of thin set, grout, and the cost and time was too much.  Another option that I really liked was these stainless steel tiles by Aspect.  However they were pretty expensive, so I think I'll use them at out next house.  I went with the Fasade 18 x 22 vinyl sheets. They were very easy to work with, all I needed was a pair of good scissors and the double face tap that is sold out of the same display.  I bought it all at Home Depot.  In about 45 minutes and for about $85.00 I was able to complete my back splash.  I think it turned out really well and looks great with the stainless steel appliances and accents in the kitchen. 


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