Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fun, Fast, and Cheap Wall Art for $3.00

I wanted to do something fun in the laundry room, I got the idea off Pintrest from  I started with a pencil and a vision of what I wanted the final product to look like.  I used about 400 thumb tacks.  I ordered the tacks online for about .60 cents a box, so it cost only about $3.00.
As I got started I ran into a few issues, the first was some patches of drywall that had been fixed in the past.  I had to "pre whole" for the thumb tacks, I used a push pin and a hammer.  Once I got past the pre fixed spots, things went much faster.
I used the standard silver thumb tacks, but they also come in gold, as well as now in a number of different colors.  Having an open laundry room, I wanted to tie the decor into the stainless steel appliances.  I still have to finish the Wash, Dry, Fold but my thumbs got pretty tired!

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