Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spare Bedroom Makeover

After Part 1


I've been helping my mom to update their spare bedroom.  It's changed functions quite a few times in the last 19 years, it was first a home office before the basement was finished for about a year, then it became a TV room, then a sofa bed found a home there and has yet to leave.  It's become that room where stuff gets put when there is no other place.  This is about to be a 3 part project, so I have no official "After" photos yet. So my "After part 1" will have to do.  

I really wanted to use grey.  And paint stripes.  So I did both, (and for the step by step on the stripes see the previous post).  We are going with a grey/white/black color scheme.  I am also going to use mustard yellow as an accent color.  I've been picking up crystal and silver accents as I find them, anywhere from Home Goods to garage sales.   I really love the new silk drapes, they turned out to be a steal from The Great Indoors, as sadly they are going out of business, but at 70% off I'll get over it. 

 The next step is new flooring and new mouldings, however we have to wait a few more weeks until the flooring is in stock. Sadly, there is a little back order on our Brazilian Redwood from Lumber Liquidators.  So more updated to come, as we are just getting started!

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