Monday, June 18, 2012

Striped Walls

So, I've been wanting to paint stripes on walls for a while, and I super excited as I finally found my wall!  After a long weekend of painting, I'm almost done (before and after pic's to follow).  I chose to only paint one wall with stripes for a clean modern look.  Here is my little tutorial to striped walls:

1.  Always make your base coat the lighter of the two colors.  We painted the whole room white first. (Paint color names soon to come)

2. Measure and tape.... This step needs to be done right our else your stripes will not line up right.  I took a guess that my ceiling was not perfectly level and decided to use the ceiling as my guide so that to the eye everything would line up and look level.  I made small dashes about every foot along the wall.  Then I lined up the tap with the dashes.  Remember to keep in mind which stripes will be painted and to tape only the outside edges.

3. Seal you tape edges! -  to avoid the tape from bleeding you have to seal the edges.  The best way it to take a paint brush (not a roller) and paint along the edge of your new stripes with your wall color.  This way if any bleeds thought its okay as its the same color.  Once its dried it will seal the edges for your second color.

4.  Paint!  I used a 3 in roller.  I would recommend to put an extra piece of tape along the top of the ceiling to make sure that the roller does not hit your ceiling.

5.  Remove tape- ASAP.  Before the paint dries, remove the tape.
6.  Stand back and're done!

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Lori said...

So there was no measuring? Just eye balled it?