Monday, September 24, 2012

Powder Room: Before and After

The before...very 1995ish, gotta love the watercolor wall paper and teal color scheme

The After:

Its a little hard to see in this picture but I just love the black Kohler toilet. 

My favorite part of the sink is the reflection of the ceiling on the drain

I'm so happy to finally have the room pretty much finished, just a few more pieces of art for the all and were done.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Counters Installed

The new granite counters and sink were installed this week!  This mean all that is left is to hang a few pictures and I can post the before and after shots!
For the how to on the here


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Snaps & Kisses

I made some Snaps & Kisses a while back, but just got around to posting the recipe.  They went over very well and can be used with any colors of M & M's to go different holiday.


I used 1 bag of M & M's and 2 bags of Hugs(or Kisses)
1 bag of Snyder's Snaps pretzels was plenty.  I made sure to pick out the ones that were not broken.

With my ingredients I was able to make 2 trays of Snaps & Kisses, which was about 65 a batch.  The biggest pain was to unwrap all of the Kisses.

Put the tray in the oven at about 275 for 5-8 minutes.  I though that the Hugs (or Kisses) would melt into little blobs but they didn't, so don't leave them in the over for too long waiting for them to melt because the tops will start to burn. 
Once they come out of the oven place a M & M on the top of each one, and let them cool! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Garbage Chair

Garbage chair?  Yep. I got this chair from the garbage.  I know...why did someone throw it away?  I have no idea but it's my gain. It's a solid brass 1950's Italian Chiavari chair and its worth a pretty penny.  It fits perfect into the decor and its a great conversation piece.
The seat cushion had dissolved, so I removed the old fabric and cut out a new piece of foam for a cushion.  Then I covered the seat in two layers of quilting batting.
Once the whole seat is covered,
I cut the fabric to line up with the pattern.

Before stapling the fabric on the from I wanted to give the back a finished side.  I pulled some muslin out of my fabric drawer and stapled it to cover the raw edges of the batting. 

Once trimmed, the back looks finished!


Next, I started to staple on the seat fabric.  I rolled the edges while I stapled to give the back a finished edge.

I stapled the front and the back first, then did both sides before attempting the corners.  It was just a matter of playing around with the folds to staple.

Once finished there are no raw edges along the back.

And Finished!

Pretty awesome for a garbage find!