Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas from the Amex Santa

I ordered a new desk and night stand from Pottery Barn as a Christmas present to my self, and thanks to my American Express rewards points it didn't cost me anything, so it really was like Christmas.  I had my eye on the Park Collection of mirrored furniture from Pottery Barn for a while and I knew that Pottery Barn would send out their annual Christmas time 20% coupon. 


Here it the pass at the desk, I am really happy how the desk fit in, I only had to move the bed over about an inch, but it looks like almost twice the space. 

Here is the before: 

The old night stand was from Ikea, and it worked okay, but it was a little small.
Here is the before of the whole room.  I picked out almost everything that is still in there when I was in 5th grade.  So I guess it's time for a few updates.  I still love the color over 15 years later, so it will stay.  The new window has been installed already (not pictured yet).  The border is being removed and replace by new crown molding, along with new white baseboards and new carpet.  And I also think it's time for new bedding.

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