Sunday, December 2, 2012

Key Socks

Note the "Key" on the back heel
I came across this website for Key Socks and was instantly amazed.  These socks are almost life changing.  They are full socks you can wear with flats and heels.  Basically they are dress socks (woman's colors include black and nude) with a large opening on the front of the foot so they are virtually hidden under most shoes.   I decided to order a pack right away.  I got a six pack with 3 black and 3 nude.  They arrived with in a few days and I could not wait to try them on.  The key to these socks working is the fact that they goes up your calf, unlike the dress footie that just cover the bottom of your foot.  So there is no way they will slip off the heal.  Plus they are thin enough to wear under most shoes that you would normally wear nylons or bare foot.  So no more cold toes in the winter! 

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