Saturday, April 20, 2013

Busy Week

Its been just over a week since we got the keys to the new house and we have been busy! We've cleaned, painted, removed carpet, removed wallpaper, painted some more and the list keeps growing.  Brian even ventured to Ikea on his own to pick up all of the cabinet handles.

We started in the basement, now its clean and organized as most of our storage items will be stored downstairs.


Next the master bedroom and nursery were painted:

The Carpets was removed-no more olive green. (all the hardwood is going to be refinished starting on Monday!! Can't wait!)

The kitchen wall paper came down- thanks to a huge help from my mom- who also did all of the painting.  The removal of the wall paper also left this lovely second shade of green

I also realized I forgot to post the picture of the family room in the last post.

And finally, the kitchen transformation...clearly still in progress. I have a second post all about that.

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