Saturday, July 13, 2013

Before and After- Kitchen

Here it is... the pretty much finished project.  We still have a few little things to finish up, but it looks pretty good as is.
Remember the plans...
Well they did all get done, and we came in just a few dollars under budget!  The largest part of the budget went to paint and the backsplash.  The backsplash was just under $200.00 for all of the supplies, and the paint for the walls and cabinets came in at $150.00.  The handles were from Ikea and ran just over $100, we did save time and money but spray painting the old hinges white.  It cost the 3.50 for a can of white spray paint as opposed to $2.50 a door for new hinges.

The marble backsplash tiles were in stock at Home Depot and we laid them in a subway pattern.

Removing the dated trim above the sink really opened up the kitchen and lets more light in.

The major item left is the panel for the front of the fridge.  We were having some trouble finding what we wanted and then it just got moved the end of the list.  We are planning on just ordering a panel kit from Kitchen Aid in White for the time being.  Eventually we will replace all of the cabinets and get a custom door panel at that time, but for right now I just love all the space in the fridge.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Almost Finished: $500.00 Kitchen Makeover

It's been a while but the kitchen makeover is almost complete. I need to get some more pictures but, I'm was just so happy to get it clean I had to take a photo.  The lighting in the photo does not do justice to the marble backsplash.  I would say that is my favorite part of the makeover (Thanks Dad!!)  It's hard to tell it's even the same kitchen.  I was a pain in the butt to paint all of the cabinets, but I knew I wanted a big white kitchen and now its worth it!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Master Bedroom

After about 6 weeks, I finally go the master bedroom finished.  When we bought the house, the master bedroom was empty so we didn't have a very good visual of how big the room was.  Luckily the room turned out to be bigger than we though. Its about 3 feet wider and longer than our old master bedroom so everything fit much better.   We ended up putting the TV frame in the bedroom along with a chair, that Turk thinks we put in here just for him - as he spends half the night on his back passed out in the chair.  Its will be very handy to have the extra space in the bedroom when we move the Pack N Play in here.

Imperial Trellis Stenciled Wall

After a long day, the accent wall in the baby's room is finished!  I went with an Imperial Trellis Stenciled Wall from the folks over at Cutting Edge (the same place I got the stencil for the ceiling)  This time it was MUCH easier than painting the ceiling, just time consuming due to the size of the wall - and the fact that I don't work as fast as I use to these days.

I started with taping the ceiling and base boards and left side of the wall.  I started on the right side so I had a clean edge and didn't need the tape.  Well, my partner in home improvement crime, AKA -Mom, got on the step stool to take the ceiling.

The stencil comes with 2 stencils. The large area and the smaller edge piece.  I started all the way at the top left corner. 
Then I went all the way down on the left side, it took 5 and a quarter sets of the full stencil to get to the bottom of an 8 foot wall.
After the first row, we went all the way across the top.  Mainly because the stencil would dry by the time I got back up to the top.  This way I could finish up the top border and wash our the stencil.

I staggered the stencil because you do have to over lap the top few inches to line up the pattern, this way I could be sure the paint was dry. 

The right edge got a little tricky, I gently folded the stencil to the corner and got as close as possible.  Then I used Q tips dipped in paint to finish the edges, this way the pattern could go to the edge of the wall.