Thursday, August 15, 2013

A little privacy...

A while back we bought a roll of privacy window film for the master bathroom.  It was a pretty easy install and has worked out really well so far.  The roll was much bigger than I expected so I've kinda gone to town.  Knew I had to do the spare bathroom (pics to come) considering that the window over looks the front porch.  Needless to say things could of gotten awkward, but not to worry its covered now!
The curtains on the front door were on my list of things to change, so I though I'd cover them with the film too.  It's a nice modernized upgrade to the foyer and I could not believe it but it only took about 3 minutes per window.  They were so small it was really fast.  I would recommend to have two for larger windows, but anything less than two feet wide can be done alone with out an issue.

I still have the other side and I think that I'm going to do the door too, I think it makes the foyer look more open. 

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