Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Change of Plans

The Dining Room update has taken on a new life of its own.  So the dining room carpet was removed and the dining room really looks much larger now.
So, from the last post I was going to use Allure Vinyl flooring, it was not a long term solution, but would work.
I volunteered my dad to help, and after he removed the carpet and tack strips he eyed the foyer faux white cork tiles, and then the phrase that we are both famous for "we should do it right" was dropped into the convo and to make a long story sort the foyer tile was removed and we switched from temporary vinyl to tile.

Tile was always the long term plan, but we always thought it was going to be quite pricy.  We priced out a few different options from natural stone to porcelain tiles.  

After some back and forth we settled on a slate porcelain tile.  Being the dining room, natural slate has variation in the depths and it would be hard to get the tables and chairs to level.  This has all of the colors of slate and will be easier to install.
And I really like the way it looks next to the hardwood floors.

I also picked out a new fabric for the drapes. 

It's the Richloom Giverny Cameleon Fabric that I found on here on the Online Fabric Store

I think this will pick up the red dining room even better than the last print.
I also changed my mind on the foyer, with the colors on the floor I was looking to do a grass cloth wall paper on the top half of the foyer.
I found this roll here at Lowe's 

The project starts this weekend, so we will see how it goes.  I get to take the roll of general contractor and provide direction.

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