Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Welch Abode was featured on Project Nursery

Ellie's Nursery was featured last week on the Project Nursery's Rooms of the Week.  Click Here to read the article!

So exciting!  Also a big thanks to Jennifer Grant Photo for the awesome room shots!

Updated House Tour

Looking at the current house tour, I realized how outdated it was.  I think I took most of those pictures in August of last year.  Some rooms have had some changes and some have had none, but they are on the list. 

I'll start with the room with the biggest change:  The Family Room

We got a new sectional about January of this year, since its been delivered I spend a lot more time in the room as its so comfy!  Soon to follow in another post will be the family room painting, the paneling is getting an update, but there has been a few issues. 

 Also, the television is mounted over the fireplace, instead of in front of the fireplace.  I still am planning a fireplace makeover to update the brick as well has hide the cords.
Master Bedroom:
We added a tall dresser between the bathroom and closet door, it gives us plenty of storage now.

Master Bath:


Laundry Room:

Half Bath:
Dining Room:

Living Room:

Spare Bathroom:

Guest Room:

Ellie's Room:


Thursday, May 8, 2014

3 Hour Quilt

 I wanted to make a quilt for my nephew's birthday.  I had made a quilt with Brian's ACUs (on a side note I will be making Ellie one, its on the list) when my oldest nephew was born, and realized I never made one for his brother.  So to avoid the second child syndrome, I knew I wanted to make him something special.  He loves Mickey Mouse (who doesn't?) I got the idea from my good friend Julie at the Lost Blue Bird, she made a strip quilt for Ellie when she was born.  She also makes a line of Michigan themed candles that smell great! They make the perfect gift, I believe she sells them on Etsy.  As seen in this picture of Ellie's nursery. It was made to match Ellie's room.  When I had usually made quilts in the past I used traditional squares or patterns that revolved around squares and if you ever quilted you have to make sure all the pieces are cut right and the seams line up or else the whole thing looks like a hot mess!  Problem solved with this quilt, NO Matching Seams!!  That what makes it quick and easy!  If you can sew a straight line, you can make this quilt.
I started with this great Mickey print  (All fabrics are from JoAnn's) then picked out five coordinating fabrics.  Brian helped to pick out the fabrics, he make sure they were not too girly.  I am really happy with the ones we picked, they go great together, if I do say so!
I got a yard of the Mickey print, only because the design ran the opposite way of the bolt, I needed a 1/2 of yard of the red, blue and white.  I wanted the yellow to be my border fabric so I got a yard of that. For the back I just used anti-pill fleece.  Its soft and washes and wears well.  I got a yard and a 1/4 of that.
To recap, that was:
1 Yard of Print Fabric
1/2 Yard of 2-4 Accent Fabrics
1 Yard of Border Fabric
1 and 1/4 Yard Fleece Backing

 Next I just started to cut strips, no measuring or science really.  Some wider some smaller, the only ones that were a certain width was to do with pattern, I didn't want to cut off half of Mickey's face.  When you do cut the border fabric, cut the thicker edges first, I ended up cutting 6 pieces (one for each side and then had to seam two together for the top and bottom, I wanted the seam in the middle so I used two pieces each)

Then I began to sew, just strip and strip. Start with a border and go from there, once its the width you want add the boarder.  Remember it can only be as wide as you fleece (or else you will need more fleece and seam them together)
Iron the seams, give the baby a bath....

Once, its ironed, trim off the top and bottom to prep for sewing on the top and bottom borders. 

I happen to have the Disney edition Brother embroidery machine, so I added a name and Mickey at the bottom border. 

Sew top and bottom border...

Next, place the fleece over the top of the quilt, so the fabrics are right side facing, Begin to sew up all 3 and 2/3 of the sides, only leaving about 5 inches open on one side to be able to flip the quilt right side out. (I usually pull all 4 corners out first) Machine or hand sew the 5 in gap together and your done!!