Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ellie's Korean Dol 1st Birthday

In following with the Korean tradition Ellie's first birthday party was a Korean Dol party.  We hosted friends and family to celebrate with traditional Korean BBQ food and everyone got a little lesson in the Korean culture.

A big part of the Dol is a presentation table, the towers are traditional decoration (which we were able to rent from our local Korean market)

Its also part of the tradition to display fruit and flowers.

The second big part of the tradition is the Doljanchi ceremony. This is were a number of symbolic items are placed in front of the child for their choosing.  Depending on the item they choose is a prediction of their future.

Ellie, along with both Brian and I wore traditional Korean Hanboks.

Thanks to some help from family friends, we were able to get Ellie's straight from Korean. It is so adorable with the silk and embroidery. A little heirloom Ellie's daughter can wear!

Brian and I got ours from Ebay, believe it or not there is quite a resale market for Hanboks

Ellie's 5 Objects:

Pencil - Scholar

Microphone - Entertainer

Ball - Athlete

Gavel - Lawyer

Money - Wealth

Guest took their best guess and voted

What did little miss Ellie pick?

The Microphone!

Someone really enjoyed her first birthday cake!

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