Thursday, January 8, 2015

Play Kitchen Makeover

This year for Christmas Brian's parents thought Ellie would really like a play kitchen, I completely agreed and began to look for the perfect kitchen for her room.  After searching the internet I decided on this Kid Kraft Retro Two Piece Kitchen.

 The only problem is that Ellie's room has gold, not silver...and we all know that I couldn't not match!

So for less than $20, I was able to transform the kitchen to perfectly match her room.  I started by collecting all of the silver pieces - the burners, knobs, handles, bases and trim pieces.  All of the trim pieces come attached but remove very quickly with a screw driver.

I got lucky that we had some unseasonably warm December nights so I took advantage and sprayed pained all of the pieces.  I was able to get it all done with one can of gold spray paint.

The piece in the top of the box was off the refrigerator, it has a sticker of a thermometer, I covered the areas with painters tape, then took an utility knife to trim around the edges so it covered perfectly.

There was a similar piece on the backsplash with a clock, I didn't really think it was that cute, when removed there were two holes in the back of the backsplash.  I ordered some marble contact paper on Amazon and cover the entire backsplash with the contact paper. 
The paper was the right price at about $10.00 a roll, I don't think it would fool may people into actually thinking its marble, for this project it was prefect.

I was hiding all of the updated pieces in the spare bedroom until Christmas...

Here is the completed project!  Frist of all, Ellie loved it!  That was the best, but I do have to say myself that it turn out amazing!  It looks perfect in her room, not to mention for less than $200, it is a very well built piece, all solid wood.  This will last for her to grow into it!

Toddler Room Redo

It's had to believe our little girl is no longer a baby, now a very independent toddler.  To keep up with the times, I'm making some adjustments to her nursery.