Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chalk Board Champagne Glasses

Along with burlap, I'm also loving chalkboard paint.  I really want to do a chalkboard wall, but I think I'll have to stick to smaller items until our next house I guess.  I always needed champagne glasses, we only have our good Waterford ones in the china cabinet, and lets face it - I don't trust everyone with those. 

I decided to have a Mimosa bar at the shower that I'm holding and I needed about 25 or so champagne glasses, I didn't want a mixed set so I went to Ikea and was about to pick up 6 for $4.99.  Now you can't beat that!  No, literal I check around, even at Dollar Tree they are still $1.00 each.

I thought about putting little tags around each glass, but that can only be used once, so what about a little chalkboard on each one?  Now, that can be washed and used over and over, no more, "Is this my glass?"

I got Rust-Oleum Chalk Board paint from Home Depot.  I've tried the other brands from the craft stores- ONLY BY THIS BRAND!  Trust me, you will have to repaint if you don't!

 So, to begin, Step 1:  I dipped the whole bottom of the glass into the paint can.  (I first tried to paint with a brush, and it just did not look right)

I dipped the glass about 3/4 of an inch up the stem.

After removing from the paint I held the glass over to let the extra drip off.

Then I tipped the glass and rotated it around to get more of the extra paint off.

I tapped the edge of the glass to help the extra paint drip off.  (shout out to Brian for the next few photos)

I then used my brush to brush off all of the extra paint from the bottom and the edges.

Place the glasses on foil to dry.

Now once the top side is dry put them in the box upside down so the bottom of the glasses can dry.

Pop open some bubbly and enjoy with out wondering if your drinking out of your glass!

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