Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pinch Pleat Burlap Curtains

So I changed my mind one last time about the fabric for the drapes in the dining room.  I decided to go with a gold threaded burlap. 

Ballard Design has a number of burlap curtains, however the pair of pinch pleated curtains in burlap is a whopping total of $589.00...burlap curtains is the last thing I would spend $600.00.

So I made them my self, and not going to lie it was pretty easy....

I bought 6 yards of burlap, after my coupon it came out to about $45.00...The gold threaded burlap has a tighter weave and better quality then the $3.99 burlap, but it does come with a slightly higher price.

I also bought about 3 yards of "Pleater's Tape" along with a pack of pleating hooks, I got what I needed for both panels for about $6.00

For the liner, the best value and perfect size is a twin flat sheet from Walmart- and with back to school time they were on sale for $4.00 a pack!

So total per pair they came out to just under $60.00, That's all better than $600.00

I started with an ironed seam to hide the raw edges, then I folder over that edge about 2 and 1/2 inches.  I wanted a thicker panel at the top to better hold the pleats.

Then I tucked the top of the flat sheet in between the fold, this also added extra weight to the top of the panels.

So once sewn into pocket, I then sewed on the pleaters tape below the seam.  Remember to keep the openings for the pleats on the bottom. 

Here is a pleater hook, they kinda look like little forks, and yes, you leave in the drape as can hook them to the curtain hooks or after the pleat is made they can be removed.  (After you sew the pleat from the front)
It can be a little tricky to get the hooks into the little pockets.

 See.. pleat created!

I'm still finishing my post hopefully by the end of the weekend.

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