Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dining Room Progress


 I'm so excited to have my red dining room back.  Mr. Rooster looks sooo much better behind a red wall (Mr. Rooster is the oil painting I brought back from our honeymoon to Rome, located on the right side of the dining room)  The room looks much crisper along with larger now that all of the flooring matches and the old drapes and blinds are down to open up the space. 

We are not done yet, but very close considering where we started 3 weeks ago.  I am waiting for my fabric to be deliver to sew up some quick panel drapes for either side of the window, but the rod is already hung so I've got the easy part left.
Its hard to tell as the photos were taken at night, but I need to get a piece of glass for the two pedestals to make a console table under Mr. Rooster, I'm planning on making it a bar/serving area for dinner parties.

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