Saturday, July 28, 2012

DIY Stenciled Ceiling

Completed!!  I love the look of the ceiling.  I can't wait to get the walls painted and trim up, but for right now I'll settle with the ceiling completed.  I used the Casablanca Allover Wall Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil.  I ordered it from their website and it arrived before I knew it, I think it only took about 2 days!  I also ordered the kit that contains the correct paint roller, brush, and level.  We used Martha Stewart Living Precious Metals paint in Gold. 

To begin, I attached the level to the top of the stencil, and began to tape around the edges.  Now this is really a two person job.  It was be a lot of work to keep having to get  up and down from the ladder to refill the roller.  And remember to not over fill the roller, I found the perfect amount of paint allowed you to see the "v" shape from the back of the paint tray.

The key to painting the ceiling is to tape as much of the stencil to the ceiling as possible.  Also, I found it best to only use the stencil twice before washing off the paint.  The gold paint we used was thinner than traditional paint so that also made the job a littler trickier. 

The best way I found to apply the paint was to focus on one tile at a time.  I would work in toward the middle then go back over the whole area to give the paint an uniformed finish.  Now we did have some areas where the paint bled, but its really not noticeable.  Just don't worry if every tile is perfect, once its all done and you stand back, you'll never notice.  It took a while to do but SO worth it!  It the perfect accent for a powder room. 
The great folks at Cutting Edge Stencil gave The Welch Abode readers 10% discount. Use DIYFUN to get your discount today! 

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