Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Pillows Complete!

Finished!  They really did not take that much time, total and I am so pleased with how they turned out!

To see the how to on the MR. and MRS. Click Here

I used painters tape to mark off my 18 inch square, I would usually use chalk but that did not show up in pictures so well

Along the bottom edge I used a 14 invisible zipper.  Now I have only used one or two of these, so there was a little bit of a trial and error.  I would recommend using the back side of the pillow so that in case of an epic fail you don't have to repaint.

Once you sew the back side, then open the zipper and sew it along the front side of the pillow.  The zipper track side should be facing up towards the top of the pillow.

The key to the invisible zipper is to unroll the zipper track and sew right along side of it.  Make sure not to sew on the zipper track or you will not be able to use the zipper.  This gives it the invisible look.

After the zipper is in place I folded the two fronts to face each other and sewed up the remaining 3 edges.  Don't forget to unzip the zipper before sewing the 4th side.  (I saw this as speaking from experience)

Turn right side out, stuff with pillow and your done!

On as side note:  Next time I make this pillow I'm going to forgo the zipper as it was kinda a pain and just do a simple pocket in the back -Like the Dog Bed Pillow Case.  First it would be much faster, and less expensive as no zippers are needed. 

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