Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bathroom Sneak Peak

I'm just in love with the bathroom updates.  I have the before's to show but I'm going to wait until I have the after's finished for the full effect.  I haven't decided if my favorite part is the mirror or the ceiling?  I just love them both.  I have a whole article to write about the ceiling but here's the sneak peak....

That's on the ceiling! 

Ahhh  don't you love it!!  I do!  It's a LOT OF WORK (stenciled) but I'll get into all later...clearly however it's worth it!

Now here is the mirror...Also LOVE IT.  It's from Horchow. 

It goes so well with the other items that will soon leave the living room/dining room/ foyer and make their way to their new home!

Vanity....just chilling in foyer
Garbage Chair-- more to come on this later.  Yes actually found in garbage
awesome sink from store closing sale at the Great Indoors
Even the cat fits into the gold and black color scheme (and no that was not preplanned)


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