Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chalkboard Paint

I had some left over chalkboard paint from another project (update soon to come) sitting around and needed a place to use it.  I realized from my last project I did not like the way that the paint went on with a brush or foam brush so I know I needed a place where I could roll in on.  So my first thought was a small wall.  I was thinking how cool would it be to have a whole chalkboard wall, however I didn't have enough paint for the whole wall.  So I settled on the back of the door to the garage.  They had always been some scuff marks in the center of the door, so no better way to hide them then with some black paint. 

I used a small jar of paint that I found at Joann's for about $7.00.  Next time, I'm for sure going to go with Rust-Oleum paint or spray paint from Home Depot, but you live and learn. 

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