Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Garbage Chair

Garbage chair?  Yep. I got this chair from the garbage.  I know...why did someone throw it away?  I have no idea but it's my gain. It's a solid brass 1950's Italian Chiavari chair and its worth a pretty penny.  It fits perfect into the decor and its a great conversation piece.
The seat cushion had dissolved, so I removed the old fabric and cut out a new piece of foam for a cushion.  Then I covered the seat in two layers of quilting batting.
Once the whole seat is covered,
I cut the fabric to line up with the pattern.

Before stapling the fabric on the from I wanted to give the back a finished side.  I pulled some muslin out of my fabric drawer and stapled it to cover the raw edges of the batting. 

Once trimmed, the back looks finished!


Next, I started to staple on the seat fabric.  I rolled the edges while I stapled to give the back a finished edge.

I stapled the front and the back first, then did both sides before attempting the corners.  It was just a matter of playing around with the folds to staple.

Once finished there are no raw edges along the back.

And Finished!

Pretty awesome for a garbage find!

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