Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ikea Hack

Who doesn't love Ikea. It's full of color and shine and excitement, and $2.99 meatballs! I must say that I even enjoy building my own furniture, there is something magical about building an entire dresser with an alan wrench.  There is nothing more exciting than a great Ikea hack.  Now if your not familiar with the term "Ikea Hack" its basically an upgrade on a basic Ikea product.  Here are some of my ideas on  my Pintrest Ikea hack board

Now, for the Ikea hack over load, visit, Ikea Hackers Net.  People have hacked EVERYTHING. From functional furniture to the bizarre. There are great Billy bookcase built ins, to rat cages and cat litter boxes.  Regardless of the function in your own life, its still interesting to take a look around.

Here is one of my favorites from Better After, the whole article is at their website.  This is the Hemnes vanity and the Rattviken counter top for a total of $379.00.  This is another one of those website that you can spend all day at- so don't say I didn't warn you :)

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