Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kitchen Makeover -Phase 2

The kitchen is starting to come together, the bulk of the work is done but we do have a pretty long punch list to finish up the kitchen.

Remember the before....

Here is the next stage...
We used the Rustoleum Transformation Kit, now if I had it to do again I would do things differently, the cabinets took 4 coats to cover.  If I was painting them a darker color I think it would of been better, but the white was over the dark cabinets took a long time to cover.
If I was going to paint dark cabinets again, I would use spray paint,  I would start with a primer and then paint with an high gloss white, and finish with a clear coat.  That way there would be no bush strokes.  it would take a little longer to prep, as you would need to tape off the walls similar to if it was being sprayed professionally.  However you would make up the time on the doors.
And here is where we are at today...
Costs for the Kitchen:
2 - 100 square feet Rustoleum Kits - $90.00
13 - 2 Packs of Ikea Faglavik Knobs -$66.00
5 - 2 Packs of Fagleboda Handles -$ 42.00
2 - Gallon of Paint - $60.00
2- Wood Brackets -$16.00
Backsplash Marble - $165.00
Thin Set for the Backsplash - $25.00
Plywood for side panel of fridge - $28.00
Total: $492.00
*the refrigerator was not included in the $500.00 makeover, however it was a total steal, we went to the Sears Outlet and got a built in Kitchen Aid for over $5,000 off the retail price

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