Friday, July 5, 2013

Imperial Trellis Stenciled Wall

After a long day, the accent wall in the baby's room is finished!  I went with an Imperial Trellis Stenciled Wall from the folks over at Cutting Edge (the same place I got the stencil for the ceiling)  This time it was MUCH easier than painting the ceiling, just time consuming due to the size of the wall - and the fact that I don't work as fast as I use to these days.

I started with taping the ceiling and base boards and left side of the wall.  I started on the right side so I had a clean edge and didn't need the tape.  Well, my partner in home improvement crime, AKA -Mom, got on the step stool to take the ceiling.

The stencil comes with 2 stencils. The large area and the smaller edge piece.  I started all the way at the top left corner. 
Then I went all the way down on the left side, it took 5 and a quarter sets of the full stencil to get to the bottom of an 8 foot wall.
After the first row, we went all the way across the top.  Mainly because the stencil would dry by the time I got back up to the top.  This way I could finish up the top border and wash our the stencil.

I staggered the stencil because you do have to over lap the top few inches to line up the pattern, this way I could be sure the paint was dry. 

The right edge got a little tricky, I gently folded the stencil to the corner and got as close as possible.  Then I used Q tips dipped in paint to finish the edges, this way the pattern could go to the edge of the wall.

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