Friday, November 8, 2013

Best $39 Spent

As it seem that Ellie grows by the hour, I always feel that I'm missing moments.  A few years ago I decided I needed a SLR, so I went with Nikon.  I noticed the quality over digital cameras right away but I just felt that I never had that "professional" quality.  I thought that an external flash may help, but I thought they had a hefty price tag, so I went to Amazon and found the top seller for $39.00 (Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite For Canon/Nikon Digital SLR Cameras).  It was highly rated so I bought it, and am looking forward to some quality shots. 
with standard onboard flash
-note the red eye
With Speedlite
-much softer light, and more true to life quality

With onboard flash

With Speedlight
The light is just much softer and the colors are more true to life, and you cant even tell the picture was taken at light in low light

I was really surprised by this one...
This is with the speedlight

This is with the onboard flash.. you can't even see the what the picture is of

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The Knoll Family said...

I have the same flash, love it!

I also recommend this:

I used it to set up shots, then I would use the timer with 10 shot option. With my hands free it was easier to pose Lilly. Especially helpful when trying to get her in a pumpkin for a Halloween photoshoot. ;)