Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Updated House Tour

Looking at the current house tour, I realized how outdated it was.  I think I took most of those pictures in August of last year.  Some rooms have had some changes and some have had none, but they are on the list. 

I'll start with the room with the biggest change:  The Family Room

We got a new sectional about January of this year, since its been delivered I spend a lot more time in the room as its so comfy!  Soon to follow in another post will be the family room painting, the paneling is getting an update, but there has been a few issues. 

 Also, the television is mounted over the fireplace, instead of in front of the fireplace.  I still am planning a fireplace makeover to update the brick as well has hide the cords.
Master Bedroom:
We added a tall dresser between the bathroom and closet door, it gives us plenty of storage now.

Master Bath:


Laundry Room:

Half Bath:
Dining Room:

Living Room:

Spare Bathroom:

Guest Room:

Ellie's Room:


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