Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's getting there...

So last week I was finally able to finish the painting of the living room.  Sadly its kinda hard to tell there is a difference in wall color, but trust me its much brighter.  I'm still in need a few new pieces and some more accents, but at least it's no longer a mess and starting to look much better. And considering what I have to work with I'm satisfied for the moment.
The wall color is Four Winds by Valspar and the stencil is Gauntlet Grey by Sherman Williams.
So in case you forget what the before looked like...
It was were all my random pieces of furniture went to die basically.  The room is one of the largest rooms of the house and just never had its own identity.

So back to the after.  I ended up painting the valance (more about that in a later post)  It was very well made and covered in silk so I hated to get rid of it.

I love the old suitcases, I actually bought them for $5 a piece at the estate sale of this house.  So its a nice remembrance to the original owners. (The were really the original owners, as they build the house back in the late 60's)


The sofa is the same as the before.  There was a slipcover over the green.  However, as so many things do, it has made a comeback so with all the pattern in the wall I like the sofa minus the cover.  Beside the sofa has to be at least 40 years old and is better made than 90% of what is on the market today. When we move again I want to put in our bedroom at the foot of the bed so I will most likely have another slipcover made from Calico Corners again. They made the first slipcover and it fit great, and help up amazing considering it was 25 years old.


I really love the way the wall turned out!

It looks great from the front entry and dining room.
I had to take a picture at night with the glow of the lamps.

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