Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ones man's trash is another girls treasure

I can't always help my self when I drive by awesome trash at the curb.  I have gotten a few awesome things out of the garbage, like a brass 1950's Italian Chiavari Chair work about a thousand bucks!  So pretty awesome, if I do say so my self!
When I saw this rattan bamboo desk, I pulled over and loaded into the back of the van.  The benefit of having a van, EVERYTHING FITS, the cubic feet in that thing is amazing, makes up for the whole "van" thing.
Pardon the cell phone pic, it was in some rough shape.  A lot of the rattan was missing or peeling and the last paint job was pretty "gloppy" so it needs a lot of sanding.
Bring on the stripper! 
In about 4 minutes the paint was bubbling and scraped off with no issues.  If you have never used stripper before, it's some nasty stuff.  Wear gloves and do it outside - it burns if it gets on skin - just don't ask and trust me.
The rattan was pretty beat up, luckily for about 8 bucks with shipping from Amazon I was able to order new rattan cane. I've never worked with it before so we'll see how it goes.
I spent about 2 hours sanding down the legs and sides of the desk and now it's ready for prime.  I'm not sure what color to paint it however.
I also got an awesome mirror that needs painting from a garage sale, so I'm thinking of painting them to match, the issue is however where do I put them?
I'm feeling Emerald Green right now, but I'll see how I feel after the primer.

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