Sunday, July 26, 2015

Finally got my drawers

This weekend we made some good progress on our master bathroom. I am so glad to get my set of drawers out of our bedroom. We assembled it like two months  ago with hopes of getting started but life kept getting in the way. 

We assembled the 30 inch sink base and made a 42 in vanity with the 12 inch drawers. The old vanity was 27 inches with a 39 inch top, I had a few extra inches next to the toilet so I extended the counter to 48.

I'm using 24 by 12 tiles, and with the farmhouse sink, so I will only have 1 full seam and 2 seams that will only be about 5 inches, so it will almost look like 1 piece of marble.

I'm happy with the cabinet, it's the same style and color as the half bath. KSI has an outlet in Brighton where they carry 2 style of flat back cabinets, the darker one is the one we choose. The lighter one had more of a country look to it.
Next weekend I hope to have the counter top and back splash done so all of the tiling will be complete. I'm going with a white subway tile to coordinate with the shower. We have NO plans to rip out the Tile from the shower, it's white and in good shape, just need to clean and seal the grout, now that my dad fixed the leak it's has since we moved in.

Just some new paint, fixtures, mirror and art and it will be a whole new room, oh and new track less shower doors.

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