Sunday, September 13, 2015

Master bath progress

I forgot to post this from before we left for our trip, (more on that to come, working my way forward on the memory card) but the counter top, sink, faucet have been installed and are in working order!  I love the new look, it was so dated and now it makes me smile to enter!  I found this mirror at Home Good for $24.99, yeah I was surprised too, even the guy at check out double check the serial number with the tag.  I think it works really well in the bathroom, and its so nice to have a mirror that you can actually see yourself in, and not a tiny little mirror.

I'm getting closer to completion, I still have to:
-Get a new light fixture
-Finish painting the grout on the floor and in the shower
-Get new shower doors
-New accessories - like towel bars, and artwork

Luckily the heaving lifting is done, and its back to working condition. 

Update: So I wrote this post about 4 weeks ago, sad to say but the only thing new I've done is to hang a towel hook.  I really have been enjoying keeping the towels off the ground, but I could really use some more motivation to get the room finished!  I've got to get this done and my foyer wall paper finished before the end of the year, going to start the new year with brand new projects!

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