Wednesday, October 25, 2017

3 years later - Play Kitchen Makeover

I've gotten a number of questions about Ellie's play kitchen that I did a mini makeover on, so I wanted to give a little update about how its held up almost 3 years later.  So if you missed the original post here it is: Play Kitchen Makeover

So, there are two parts to how it's held up, the kitchen it self and the paint.

First, the kitchen has held up really well, for the price I'd definably recommend it.  If you look at the link below, it was silver, and I needed gold, so I did spray it my self, the paint has not chipped at all, but you can kind of see in the pictures there is a little variation in the gold paint, I'm guessing from oils on your hands.  At first it did bug me, but never enough to repaint. I'm guessing if I repainted and put a clear top coat over it, it may help.

The faux marble backsplash still looks brand new, overall, if you want to change the color do it!  I linked the exact kitchen I purchased on Amazon.  It does also come in pink and purple, instead of white, but always silver.

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