Monday, August 4, 2014

Toy Box Makeover

As Ellie gets bigger, so do all of the toys!  We have been updating her bedroom to a "almost big girl" room.  I found my old toy box in my parents basement, so decided to breath some new life into the 20 something toy box.
I had ordered some foil gold dots from JoAnn's a few weeks before I brought over the toy box, I had originally planned to put them on the walls in Ellie's room, however the foil dots were too thin they just never looked right.  I attended on returning them, however apparently JoAnn's requires all online orders to be mailed back, and they just never made it back in the mail. So perfect use on the toy box!

Ellie approves!

I knew I had an few other pictures with the toy box, but this is the only one I could find, see the toy box in the back on the left? 
I also like this picture - Ellie has my nose and lips :)

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