Saturday, May 9, 2015

4 Minute Pillow Covers

My new outdoor color scheme is now purple and yellow, so the old red pillows no longer matched.  JoAnn's had canvas on sale for $6.99 and each pillow only took 1/2 a yard so for under 7 bucks all new pillows!  And each pillow took like 4 minutes to make, no joke, super fast!

Step 1: Fold the fabric up about half way up the pillow, I used the finished edge and this edge will be the edge that will be seen on the back of the pillow, so if you wanted you can finish this edge.

Step 2: Fold up and set up both sides
Step 3: Now you have a pocket

 Step 4: Fold the unsewn side back over the pillow so that the fabrics over laps about 3 inches or so, if the pillow is bigger it you may want to fold the fabric over a few more inches.
 Step 5:  Cut the extra fabric and finish the edge off
Step 6: Put the pillow back in place and set up the last 2 sides.  I usually double stick over the edges as they will get the most stress.
 Step 7: Turn the pillow case right side out and stuff with pillow
 Step 8: Finished!

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